Why I Love America

It seems to be in vogue to be anti-American, or Anti-American government, or anti America … anything, especially if you’re non-American (European) or if you’re part of the Liberal-Left Intelligentsia of America. For example, the funny bias:

If you are an intellectual or part of the elite class in America, you are not allowed to openly say: “I love America, and I love being an American”.

Very strange. Why this bias? Let us unravel it:

Why are Americans so anti-America?

Truth be told, America is cruel. Unfair, unjust, racist, classist, all the -isms. And America is pro-War, and pro-hegemony over the planet. This is facts.

A lot of people came to America (more recently) as immigrants. A lot of new Americans (and even older Americans) have faced injustice, discrimination, and getting fucked over. It happens allllll the time.

And for the few who do succeed — combination of luck, hard work, being at the right place at the right time, being offered the right opportunities, and having the right community or social-circle or adult figures who helped guide them. I know for myself, as my friend Sebastian Calvo says:

If we think about success in life like being two rotating discs, with small holes in each … I was able to fall perfectly through these small holes.