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The Psychology of an Internet Troll

Contrary to popular belief, most of the (good) internet trolls are actually highly intelligent, motivated, smart, and educated individuals. But why do they troll? Some of my thoughts:


1. Jealousy

They see you winning, and they are threatened. They are afraid you are stealing from their pie, thus it is their imperative to tear you down.

2. Envy

The Psychology of an Internet Troll


I see someone who is doing better than me, and I feel bad about myself as a consequence.

By hating on someone, I am venting my own self-hatred of myself.

3. I feel it is my duty

The Psychology Of An Internet Troll

It is hard to fake hate; easy to fake love.

This means when people hate you, they actually really do legitimately hate you. Why? Strong emotion– they feel it is their duty to do so!

4. They were once abused in the past?

They might have been sexually, mentally, or physically abused in the past as a child. They might be mentally or physically sick. Do we hate the dog for having rabies? No — we try our best to heal the dog. Perhaps the same goes with internet trolls?

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