Where is the section of “Criticisms” or “Critique” or “Controversy” about Marx here?

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When you read anything always ask yourself:

What key information is NOT being presented here?

For example, why DOESN’T Karl Marx’s personal Wikipedia page have any criticisms or critiques about him?

Is Karl Marx infallible?

Where is the section of “Criticisms” or “Critique” or “Controversy” about Marx here?
Where is the section of “Criticisms” or “Critique” or “Controversy” about Marx here?

Typically there is a section for any Wikipedia entry on an influential figure some sort of “critique” or “criticism”or “controversy” section. Why doesn’t Marx have one?

Marx didn’t seem like a good human being

According to this 1983 article in the New York Times (What Marx Hid), I don’t think so.

I quote from the article:

A large part of his torment – tensions that possibly affected his work – was lodged in a part of his life that Marx desperately sought to hide. Even today, this secret, which he successfully concealed during his lifetime, is not well known. In 1851, while living in London, Marx fathered an illegitimate son by Helen Demuth, the longtime family maid. Fearing that this indiscretion would destroy his marriage and damage his public image, he organized an effective cover-up, whose participants were Marx’s friend and collaborator Friedrich Engels and Helen Demuth.

Doesn’t seem very saint-like. It gets worse:

Engels pretended he was the father and Miss Demuth confirmed the deception. The infant, Fredrick Demuth, was given away to be brought up by a working-class family in London. The secret was preserved for more than four decades. In 1895, on his deathbed, Engels confessed to Eleanor Marx -one of Marx’s two surviving daughters. She was shattered by the revelation. Three years later, she committed suicide.

Karl Marx — someone who was apparently all for the “little guy”(supporting the working class, proletariat) seems to be a hypocrite here — leaving his illegitimate son (Freddy) in poverty:

Freddy Demuth grew up a neglected, lonely child. Marx could not afford any support. Engels, on whom Marx depended financially, sent small, infrequent remittances. Both Marx and Engels distanced themselves from Freddy. Marx never saw the boy. Freddy Demuth was poorly educated. For most of his life, he worked as a laborer and toolmaker. 

Even worse, Marxs’ illegit son was truly treated like a third-rate human:

After Marx’s death, he established closer contact with his mother, who had then become Engels’s housekeeper. Freddy visited her weekly but was allowed only into the kitchen and servants’ rooms through the back door. Engels, like Marx, shunned him. 

The Wikipedia page for Helen Demuth tries to bury the fact. I love the word “sired”— what normal person knows what this means?

On June 23, 1851 Helene Demuth gave birth to a boy, Henry Frederick Demuth, the birth certificate leaving the name of the father blank.[2] Most scholars accept that the child had been sired by Karl Marx,[3]

From wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helene_Demuth

Trust no philosopher or thinker whose personal life doesn’t accord with their philosophies and thoughts

My opinion:

Don’t trust any philosopher or person whose “IRL” (in real life) personality and actions do not accord with their thoughts.

It does seem that Karl Marx was a pretty bad person: https://www.intellectualtakeout.org/blog/karl-marx-was-pretty-bad-person/

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