How Apple Photos is Superior to Adobe Lightroom

In many ways, Apple photos (desktop app, iPad app, and iPhone app) is actually *superior* to Adobe Lightroom. My thoughts:

1. No hidden ‘got-chas!’

My hatred of Adobe Lightroom is when they lock you into their subscription model, and then *TAKE AWAY* your access to your applications if you do not renew. From a business perspective it is smart and makes sense, but from a user perspective, I find it very annoying.

2. The team actually cares

They killed Apple’s older Photos platform in order to pave for the new. Took lots of guts, and I think it was the right decision. Unity between all the Apple iOS-ecosystem is a smart phone.

I have personally met the Apple photos team, and they are smart, intelligent, hard working, creative, and fantastic. I trust them.

3. The future is JPEG

I really disdain RAW. JPEG is easier, better, and faster. And considering the iPhone is essentially a camera … isn’t it better to be your horse on Apple instead of Adobe?

Let us not forget how much Steve Jobs disdained Adobe.