Why Instagram is Evil

A company which profits off people’s insecurity and need for external affirmation … isn’t this evil? Truth be told to be addicted to cocaine seems like a better addiction than being addicted to social media and Instagram.

“I’ve been awoken from an enlightened man’s dream, checking Instagram comments to crowd source my self esteem”- Kanye

My edict:

Thou shalt not profit from exploiting the social insecurities of others.

Isn’t this what social media is? FOMO (fear of missing out) marketing?

Very dirty that they stole the Snapchat idea

Instagram (owned by Facebook) is shameless. They straight up plagiarized the Snapchat stories idea. I typically don’t really care for “intellectual theft”, but this was bad. No shame.

What is “evil”?

To me, sneaky is evil. Transparency is not evil.

Digital sharecropping
Digital sharecropping

This is why sharecropping was evil … land owners tricked (newly freed) slaves into Slavery 2.0. Uber-evil.

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