Leader or Follower?

“You see there’s leaders and there’s followers, but I’d rather be a dick than a swallower.” – Kanye West (YEEZUS album)

In life, you have the choice:

Be a leader, or a follower?

The difference

To lead is far more interesting. It takes more guts, chutzpah and audacity. To be a leader is to be bold, reckless, and a little bit ‘insane’.

Selfish is Not Evil

Being a follower is safer

Why Sociology?

Being a follower is 1000000x safer than doing something creative on your own. Being a follower and to purchase (buy) your individuality is easy; to design, create, and mould your own looks takes more guts.

Eternal Return to Creative Everyday – ERIC KIM GOOGLE TALK

Why lead?

My Definition of Creativity

To me, to lead is just more fun, interesting, and challenging. To me, challenge is more fun.