Photography is Everything; Everything is Photography

A realization:

Our lives are photography.

Let me explain:

Everything has a camera and IS a camera

For example when you back up your car, the rear view cameras help you backup in to that tight spot. Or your phone — the biggest benefit is that it is the world’s more convenient camera! To photograph your parking spot to remember where you parked your car, to photograph receipts for business expenses, or to shoot a photo as ‘proof’ that you did something, saw someone (selfie with Mike Tyson), etc.

Videos are just moving photos

ERIC KIM 225 Pounds Deadlift (Two 45 Pound Plates on Each Side) Deadlift Sumo Form – Different Angles

Videos are hugely useful. I have an easier time watching videos and learning than just reading text.

Let us remember videos are just moving photos!

No photos, no life?

Photos augment our lives. Photos augment our memories, experiences, and joys.