Why I’m Anti Singularity Thinking

People who believe in the singularity — repulsive both aesthetically and philosophically.

Why do the nerds want the singularity to happen so badly?

Nerds prefer machines and computers over people. Humans are unpredictable, unwieldily, and “bad”. Anyone who really wants the singularity to happen is someone who is either fearful of death (Ray Kurzweil), or extremely pessimistic about humanity and the future (Elon Musk). I’m also starting to think — all the Silicon Valley thinkers are pretty anti human. For example Peter Thiel doesn’t want to die and wants to live forever … but he is a Christian?

Silicon Valley nerds are running the show

Even someone who I admire and helped me a lot (Tim Ferriss) is too easily swayed by all these randos. Too influenced by Tony Robbins (not a good sign), and also too influenced by disingenuous people like Peter Diamandis (I think he is a poser, and is in bed with Bill Clinton who seems less than admirable as a person). Everyone wants to just say “toodaloo” to planet Earth, and create some new strange elite humanity on Mars. My heuristic:

I don’t trust anyone who has too much faith in Lord of the Rings, or Hichikers Guide to the Galaxy, or Isaac Asimov.

Also, anyone who is super super into Mars and space and beyond — extreme pessimistic thinkers (Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos) and most people in Silicon Valley. I also don’t really trust Bill Gates — at the core he is the Uber-nerd, who did lots of very sketchy things with Microsoft in the past. At least Steve Jobs was more honest in being an asshole — Gates is probably a closet asshole.

So what are we to do?

Simple — make the best on earth!

All these pessimistic thinkers — they want to prove that humanity is bad and evil. Also, they WANT to see Earth become destroyed. This is sign of a social degeneration — degenerates and unicorn thinking run the show. No more faith in empiricism, Karl Popper and falsification, and no more skepticism in statistics and “facts”. Science is the new religion.

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