Think 30 Years Ahead

In praise of (semi) long-term thinking:

Why 30 years ahead?

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A combination of the Lindy-mode of thinking (Nassim Taleb):

I am ~30 years old, and it thus makes sense for me to think ~30 years ahead.

Perhaps this is advice we can give teenagers:

If you are 18-20 years old, think about your life 20 years from now.

This is practical. 30 years from now I’ll only be ~60 years old. I will still be in excellent health, and will still have a 6-pack. I plan on dying at age 133; so I gotta think long-term.

Photography and technology 30 years from now

Nothing will last forever. Nor *should* it last forever.


Think 30 Years Ahead
Think 30 Years Ahead