Your Opinion is Valuable

No matter what your background or who you is, your opinion is valuable.


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I care what you think.

All opinions are equally valuable, as long as we are not talking physics or math. All humanistic thinking and opinions are subjective.

Why have we been taught that some opinions are more valuable than others?

Classicism. Racism. The two ills of our society. We are taught:

Only those of “pure” and “noble” and “rich” blood have opinions of worth.


The opinion of the rich and high class is superior to that of the poor, under-educated.

Education doesn’t make you more intelligent

Some of the most intelligent and wise people I’ve met are “under-educated”. No college degree, PhD, etc. More education doesn’t equate to more intelligence and wisdom.

Ignore everyone else.

American freedoms

Assuming you’re an American, then it means:

You can freely share your opinion without imprisonment, or injust detainment.