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Seek Your Own Personal Maximal Advantage

The most logical approach:

Unchain yourself from slave morality

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What is slave morality? Slave morality is this:

The purpose of my life is to maximize the well being of my owner.

What is master morality?

The purpose of my life is to maximize my own personal well-being.

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Why do we want to please others so much?

It is how we were programmed. Modern (American) society is a chimera of capitalism, consumerism, Judeo-Christian morals, utilitarianism (Jeremy Bentham), globalism, the cult of productivity, etc. As my friend Soren says — money is now our God-value.

Where have all the free thinkers gone?

Open Mind vs Closed Mind

Society and our education doesn’t encourage open mindedness. Nor does it encourage independent free thinking. No. Modern education is a hidden game which is gamed by the corporations. Text book companies are the real gangsters.


It ain’t cool to be enthusiastic anymore?


Consider the really bad new aesthetic. The aesthetic of the kids is a combination of “emo”, “goth”, and “street wear”. It is a bizarre cluster fuck of all these very bad attitudes — an attitude of indifferent blasé. The fear to make eye contact with strangers. The fear of showing one’s enthusiasm openly. Why? Because nowadays, to be antisocial is cool?

True individuality

To be truly individual is this:

Not to flex your individuality via your physical possessions. Instead, flex your body, flex your personal audacity, and flex your mind.



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