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How to Create Value

What is “valuable”? Something you make (digital or physical) which gives strength, hope, motivation, and vigor for someone else.


Valeo, or “valere” in Latin refers to strength, fortitude, and worth.

Don’t censor yourself

What I consider valuable:

Sharing ideas, thoughts, and tips which inspire, motivate and uplift others.

It just take one strong idea


Enthusiasm (your) is infectious. You cannot fake enthusiasm. You want to unlock your inner god, and also awaken the inner god in your followers.

Why Hybrid is the Future

My value

My value is to inspire and motivate others. Also, my unique gift:

The ability to critically judge and question pretty much everything.

Perhaps I have a good bullshit detector

I don’t know about you, but for me, I can smell BS from a mile away. I can smell fakeness, fear, and disingenuous people from afar. It is my instinct and secret power.


I love humanity

The value I want to create and add through blogging:

Encourage more people to create their own blogs.

Also, I want to encourage more people to think for themselves. To challenge pre-existing dogma. To rewrite thought and history.

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