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What is nuance? Some thoughts:

The Philosophy of Falsification

Nuance is key. Nuance is borrowed from French, which means ‘gradation of colors’. From the online etymology website:

NUANCE: “slight or delicate degree of difference in expression, feeling, opinion, etc.,” 1781, from French nuance“slight difference, shade of color” (17c.), from nuer “to shade,” from nue “cloud,” from Gallo-Roman *nuba, from Latin nubes “a cloud, mist, vapor,” from PIE *sneudh “fog” (source also of Avestan snaoda “clouds,” Latin obnubere “to veil,” Welsh nudd “fog,” Greek nython, in Hesychius “dark, dusky”).

‘Nuer’ (to shade) and ‘nue’ from “cloud”. Nubes (cloud/mist/vapor). From proto-indo-european ‘*sneudh-‘ which means “foggy/gloom/mist” [link].

So basically to have nuance is to see the subtle gradations of an idea or thought. To not get suckered by the foggy, dark, and misty. Instead, to be able to have more ‘dynamic range’ in your thinking and thought.

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