Nobody Knows What is Going On

The world is chaos. Nobody from any government or place knows what is going on. Why? Because — there ain’t no conspiracy. Randomness and chance and chaos in the modern world amplified with technology, hyper-media, social media, internet monetization, advertising, algorithms and globalization leads to even more noise and getting suckered by randomness.

Why are we searching for certainty?

I think most people don’t like to believe we live in a cruel and purposeless world. Why not? Because of fear. We want certainty, as insurance of potential death or loss of life.


What if all the world is just chaos?

Don’t get suckered by conspiracy theories

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? Because of over-fitting of randomness and chaotic data points and happenings. For example, if you give me a million data points on anything, I will be able to find some sort of “correlation” of… anything.

Other theories

Another thought:

Perhaps people who come up with conspiracy theories are outsourcing their desire for religion or the sacred.

For example I find the funny thing: a lot of my atheist friends or people who I know who isn’t religious will find or discover a deeper “truth” in metaphysics, mysticism, or other forms of hocus pocus. I’m an empiricist which means I believe in embodied reality and experience.