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Strong Body, Strong Mind.

Simple heuristic:

If you got a strong body (first step), then most likely you have a strong mind.

You can actually control your body

I was never asked to be birthed. I was thrust into this world, mercilessly, against my own permission. But the fact is I am alive, I exist. So… what am I to do with my life?

I cannot changed my parents were South Korean immigrants to America. I cannot control I was born male. I cannot control the fact I grew up in the Bay Area, with liberal politics, and I cannot control the society in which I was raised. I cannot control the fact I was raised with confucian-Asian-Korean-American values. I cannot control the media I was raised with as a kid. I couldn’t control which schools I went to as a child. But once I became 16 years old (when I consider I became a real man), I knew:

From age 16 years old and onwards, I have control over my life.

I had control what to do, what NOT to do. Where to apply for college. How much to apply myself and exert myself, and how much *NOT* to exert myself.

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