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Extreme Responsibility

A thought:

If we all as individuals took extreme responsibility for ourselves … perhaps this could make the world a “better place”, or certainly give us the power to advance our own personal self-interests.

What is modernism?

Nietzsche says that modernism is:

Not putting your own self-interests first.

My thought on what modernism is:

Being a slave to moral and ethical qualms, seeming to be “scientific”.

For example, I find it very bizarre how many of my atheist friends or colleagues deny the existence of God, yet still are in bondage of traditional Judeo-Christian-Utilitarian notions of morals and ethics. Even more bizarre how many scientists and intellectuals (atheists) who end up getting suckered by mysticism.

It is human nature to desire some sacred?

Our modern society:

All profane, no sacred.

Thus if an individual is 100% “rational” and atheist … what happens to him or her when they want something more sacred in life? Then perhaps this is where “secular” Buddhism and Mysticism comes to play.


It is the secular and atheist people who get most suckered by mysticism, weird conspiracy theories, UFO stuff, and non-empirical thinking.

Why I have never met a true free thinker

Problems —

  1. First of all, most people are employed. If you derive your salary from a company, institution, etc … you cannot be a true free thinker.
  2. If you’re self employed or an entrepreneur, but you’re still suckered by money and modern notions of capitalism and the cult of productivity, you cannot be a free thinker.
  3. If you believe in mysticism, weird spirituality and hocus pocus stuff (I give 0.0000% credence to those who believe in Astrology literally), you cannot be a free thinker.