In Praise of Emojis

We all speak emoji.

Emojis as a form to augment your self-expression. Perhaps Emoji’s are a better form of communicating your feelings, thoughts and ideas when compared to words. Also; emoji’s are universal, and don’t require translation. Not all people speak English; but most people speak emoji.

Minimum viable mode of communication; maximal impact. 🔱

When it comes to texting or communicating with friends and family over email or text, I just prefer to use emoji. Why? More emotion and impact!

“What is your favorite emoji?” 💯 💯 💯 

And what do your favorite emoji preferences say about you?

Minimum viable visibility ⛩️

With Emoji, it is hella small … yet you can still see what is going on!

The symbology 🏛️

For example, if I want to create a menu item for ‘Books‘, do I use a book emoji (open book), or perhaps a more athenian building artifice like 🏛️?

Do your emoji illustrate your value system?



























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