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The goal:

To build your own empire; not to be a slave or a share-cropper. For you to become king, emperor, guide, leader, and self-owned man.

1. Step one: Build your own website

Build a website via bluehost.com or 1and1.com. Install wordpress.org

This is the first step.

2. Own the means of production and distribution

More trust in open source solutions; more suspicion towards ‘free‘ platforms.

3. What is an empire?

Empire, ‘impero‘:

To command.

Certainly the first step:

Learn to command and obey yourself.

4. Digital empire

The new digital empires:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Uber

It seems for us individuals, most effective to build a digital empire. A digital empire can be:

For example, how I created arsbeta.com with my friends and family in order to combat Instagram; ARS as the ANTI-INSTAGRAM or the ANTI SOCIAL SOCIAL MEDIA.

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