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In Praise of Michael Jordan

Of course Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. My thoughts after watching his documentary (Last Dance):

The hunger to fly higher

Jordan is the greatest eagle who has ever soared in professional sports. He was hungry for the heights. Howard Hughes. Icarus with well fitted wings.

Michael Jordan jumpan

What makes MJ so great?

His desire to win at any cost. People who call him an asshole or mean are missing the point. The better question:

How can a single individual achieve great grandeur?

To win at all costs

This takes skill, determination, and the ability to lead. Let us not be fooled: MJ was the turbocharger to all his team mates. Steve Kerr, Rodman, Pippen and the whole squad.

What makes a great leader? Not a nice person. A person who draws out the best in others. A leader who has more belief in others than that individual does in him or herself.

Michael vs Kobe vs Lebron

Kobe and Lebron would not exist without MJ. MJ was essentially the father. So… who would outplay who in their prime?

Truth be told I think Lebron would have beaten MJ 1:1 in both their prime. Why? Lebron learned so much from MJ. It’s like having a Tesla Roadster going head to head with a Lotus sports car of the past; the more modern has learned from the older.


MJ’s legacy:

With enough focus, hard work and determination you can achieve anything.


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