To me the apex human condition is a state of flow; when you feel god-like, or a demi-god of artistic creativity and flowing.

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What is ‘flow’?

Flow; when you are so in the zone you forget about everything else in the world. You become one with your creative work. You no longer ‘create’ art works, you just flow them out of you.

Why get into a state of flow?

When you are in a state of flow you are maximally creative, interested, and alive! I achieve a state of flow when I’m walking, vlogging (street vlogging), moving, and creating art works or teaching.

How I do it

My hacks:

  1. Do not strive for perfection or even ‘good’
  2. Just publish it
  3. Publish it as you go
  4. Create as you go
  5. Move and walk a lot
  6. Workout a lot
  7. First thing in the morning, ice cold shower, strong black coffee, ice cold water, and start your creative work. No email, phone or any distractions.

In fact, probably the best life hack to never exit your state of flow is simple: don’t have a phone (or just keep it turned off, unless you need to use it).

State of flow as a physiological phenomenon

To achieve flow, you need first to start with the body. Flow is both a bodily *AND* mental phenomenon.

Practical physiological ideas:

  1. The best creative work is done while moving, dancing, or walking.
  2. Intermittent fasting. Don’t break your fast until sundown (like Ramadan).
  3. Lots of water and black coffee during the day. After dinner, no coffee or caffeine.


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