The Aesthetics of Reusability and Rechargeability

I’m not anti waste for ecological or ethical reasons on “saving the planet”. To me, it is more of an aesthetic thing.

For example:

1. Waste just looks ugly.


When I look at waste, it is just ugly from an aesthetics perspective. For example if I’m hiking and I see trash, it makes me angry from an aesthetics perspective. It just looks ugly!

2. Anti styrofoam

Meat styrofoam

I love convenience, but whenever I throw away styrofoam I feel a bit stupid. Same goes with cardboard. It just seems so wasteful and stupid from an aesthetics perspective. Same goes with “one use” batteries.

3. In praise of digital cameras

My new joy for cross process mode on jpeg on Ricoh GR iii.

4. A rechargeable camera … it makes so much sense!

6. Every time I fill up a car with gasoline, it seems stupid

We are living in 2020. Why are there still gasoline cars? We are living in a Jetsons like future… why are we still driving fossil fuel cars? Shouldn’t all our cars be rechargeable electric cars, just like how we recharge our laptops and phones? Imagine if we desired a smartphone that ran on disposable batteries or gasoline.

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