How do you know what you should make and create? Simple thought:

Create what you like to consume!

For example, if you like watching movies, start filming and directing your own films! Just use your iPhone camera and start recording videos. Or use your RICOH GR or Fujifilm or whatever digital camera you got and use the video function. It doesn’t gotta look fancy like a Hollywood movie. Make it an ‘indie’ film; or a solo film, or just a vlogging film. Vlogging is probably one of the best inventions of late; you can blog and vlog at the same time! With a vlog, this means:

Even the smallest thing in your life is interesting!

Create what YOU would LIKE to see

For example, I personally like to watch ‘reality TV’. But the problem — all reality TV is fake and scripted. So I thought to myself:

What if I could make my own ‘reality TV’ show of the life of ERIC KIM by just walking around and recording my life activities, complete with date timer, and without any cutting? What interesting insights would I share and create?

Follow your own personal curiosity

This is a big thing:

Ain’t no right or wrong; just pursue whatever you’re personally interested or curious in!

To discover inspiration from other artists or the past… what does this mean? To me:

Consume art works or seek art works which put motion and wind into your own personal creative wings!

For example, my new fascination and joy towards studying statues, 3D design, and the human form and anatomy. Both the male form and female form.

How do you like to live your life? What do you like to consume?

This is simple:

Observe your own behavior, thought patterns, actions. Figure out what you like and what you don’t like, then strive to SERVE this type of ideology, behavior, thoughts and actions to others.

For example, I hate copyright and anything which is closed source. Thus, I copy-left. I keep all my stuff open source; you are free to distribute, share, download anything here!