The Body

Everything originates from our body. Thus the start of all of our philosophical inquires should start with our body, physiology before notions of “psychology”, “soul”, “mind”, etc.

Let’s think bones.

Let’s start with our body. All our perception starts here. Our soul cannot exist externally from outside our body. All our soul and being is within this little yellow matrix:

Once again — all of our human perceptions are within this yellow box. Our sensations, thoughts, muscular impulses etc all originate from here. Our soul is within this yellow box.

It all exists within your body.

Let’s look at the David. All of his thoughts, emotions exist in his physiology. His bones, flesh, muscles, etc.

Your body as a whole package, just not your head

The bias of modern and western philosophy:

It’s all in your head.

This is false. There is probably more intelligence in your stomach, feet, and legs than your head. In fact, all the feelings in your head and body originate from your bodily physiology. Our emotions are dictated by the physiological health of our body as well as stress hormones in our body.

Why start with the body?

If I sleep 10 hours well, eat lots of fatty delicious meat, walk a lot, get a lot of sunlight, etc… of course I’m gonna be “happy” and physiologically well. If I only slept 2 hours, didn’t walk all day, and have stomach pain… of course I’m going to feel depressed and miserable!

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