Energy Suicide

I recently came across a saying:

One drop of semen is worth 10 pints of blood.

For us men, does this mean that jerking off is energy suicide?

Would you jerk off an hour before attempting a one-rep max deadlift?

Certainty not. This would weaken you.

ERIC KIM deadlift gif 455 sumo - normal
455 Sumo Deadlift (one rep max)

Why do guys fall asleep after sex?

After sexual intercourse, lots of the hormones promote sleep. This is also why I’ve found out for myself that if you’re dealing with insomnia, jerking off seems to be a good natural melatonin to fall asleep. Doesn’t always work though.

What’s your goal?


Is porn “bad” if you don’t jerk off to it?

What if you could just watch porn, and it could act as a stimulus for your action and activity? To make more art or be more productive?

Seek the forbidden