How I Think

The stimulus of life.

Perhaps my initial stimulus to think — art, thinking about life, living, the desire to procure food, and to combat boredom, and also the desire to BECOME MORE. To become stronger, bigger, and more epic.

My destiny

Perhaps my destiny is to become a great philosopher-artist. I’ve always had a passion for thinking, calling out BS, and also making art. Also, fitness, muscles, working out, sociology, psychology, and all that jazz.

Pursuing questions I’m interested in, or what makes no sense to me, or what seems like BS to me

I have a natural BS detector which is finely tuned. When I hear BS (either intentional or unintentional), it upsets me. I desire to seek a deeper truth about it. Why? Perhaps whenever I feel I’ve discovered a deeper level of truth about something, it makes me feel more powerful and grand.

Deeper levels of truth finding

For myself my passion is this:

To discover deeper levels of truth, in knowing that an “ultimate truth” doesn’t exist.

Just keep building, iterating, constructing, deconstructing, simplifying, and concentrating.

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