How to Make Art During COVID-19

Dear friend,

A thought —

How can we be inspired to make art during COVID-19?

Some thoughts:

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1. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise?

First of all, perhaps what we gotta do is feign ‘artistic fatalism’. This means:

Things will not get better. Thus we should just make best of what we got now, and just make art right now during these trying times.

2. Digital arts-creation is key!

What I think:

Right now, best to make arts digitally!

For example, using your phone, iPhone, iPad, android phone, Samsung — whatever! I am a big fan of ‘Procreate’ app on iPhone/iPad, and also ‘Zen Brush 2’ (iPhone/iPad). Apparently Adobe has a new ‘Fresco‘ app which also seems good (more cross-platform compatibility).

3. All forms of art are legitimate!

I have been having tons of fun experimenting a lot with art!

  1. Making beats (music in garage band on my laptop)
  • Making freestyle poems (vlogging), or just typing it out. Poetry is a new hobby of mine!
  1. Analyzing old-school Renaissance painting, and my thought: Create your own renaissance for yourself!

Of course like always, you can make photos, videos, it is all good.

4. Creative stimuluses.

Google Arts and Culture is my new favorite muse. I have discovered so many great inspirations from it. I downloaded it on my iPad, and now take bunch of screenshots of whatever artwork inspires me.

I encourage you to download the app (Apple download, Android download) and play with it!

5. Simple formula:

Discover new art forms from the past (study the classics) and use it as a starting point to re-spark your passion for art. And create your own art work (digitally) and share it on your website/blog. This is fun!


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