ENCORE! The prior workshop (a day before, on Saturday) quickly sold out, so to accommodate for the demand, I propose this workshop. Don’t miss your chance!

Re-Spark Your Creative Passion

Things are really hard and tough right now with COVID-19, and times make it difficult to go out, travel, or even make new photos and artwork. However as a solution, I propose this ERIC KIM ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY CREATIVITY WORKSHOP to empower you, re-inspire you, and re-spark your passion for photography, arts, creativity, and entrepreneurship! My ideas for you:

My Vision for You

First of all, I am not sure what situation you are in– whether you are stuck at home, stuck in quarantine, etc. But as long as you have WIFI and an internet connection, this online workshop is for you.

Re-Spark Your Passion and Creative Motivation

Selfie ERIC KIM red face mask

During this uncertain time, I hope to re-spark your passion for the arts. Thus treat this online workshop as your opportunity to re-spark your passion to make art, photos, and to discover new and innovative ways to share them online!

You’ve Always Already Been Creative


You’re an artist, and a creative. You’re both photographer AND visual artist. What is the ultimate goal?

For you to take your photography and art to the next level.

The problem– being stuck indoors makes arts-creation difficult. That is why I created this online workshop for you.

What you will gain from this online workshop

  1. Re-sparked passion and motivation to make new photos, to make new art works, and to re-kindle the creative passion within yourself.
  2. The opportunity to workshop your creative ideas and get real honest constructive feedback. The chance to talk to me and others with your creative ideas, to gain MORE encouragement for your ideas!
  3. The creative push: We are in a difficult spot right now. If you just need a little encouragement and push to push yourself outside of your artistic comfort zone, this is for you. There is no growth without risk, pain, and difficulty. Treat this like a little motivator to you. It won’t totally transform your artistic life, but it might be the prime mover to get your creative momentum going again!

All Upside, No Downside.


If you’re not sure whether this online workshop will be worth it, I offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. Truth be told, the reason I’m teaching this workshop is to empower you to the maximum. If for any reason you didn’t like the workshop or didn’t find it catered to your creative needs, please email my workshops manager Neil (neilta@gmail.com for a full refund, no questions asked.

So friend– you got everything to gain, nothing to lose!

What We Will Do

  1. We will use ZOOM to conduct our online workshop (limit to 12 passionate individuals) and you will use this chance to show off your newest photos, projects, or creative endeavors to gain constructive critique/feedback from myself and others in the workshop.
  2. You will get tailored and bespoke feedback from me, in terms of how to evolve and direct your project forward.
  3. We will workshop unique ideas in terms of how to best effectively publish and share your work online, whether it be creating your own website, blog, YouTube channel, or your social media online strategy.

Concrete Ideas

Exporting audio files from Quicktime on my MacBook laptop

Ideas we can workshop together:

  1. How to start your own photography project while you’re stuck in quarantine, lock-down, or stuck indoors (potential ideas include selfie project, family/roommate project, pet project, indoor living project).
  2. How you can start your own YouTube channel, vlogs, and creative hybrid video-photography ideas/projects.
  3. How to start your own podcast from home. Your thoughts on creativity, art, and photography.
  4. How to start your own website and blog. Help with technical difficulties, or the need for creative ideas.
  5. Your chance to document history: We are currently living through history. What does this mean as a photographer? How can you can document your life during COVID-19 in a meaningful way?

Turbocharge Your Creativity

  • Date: May 3rd, 2020 (Sunday)
  • Time: 12-2pm (Eastern Time, EST)
  • Student Cap: 12 Passionate Individuals
  • Contact: neilta@gmail.com (my workshops manager)
  • Requirements: Wifi connection, computer, ZOOM app.

Secure Your Spot!

There is no better investment or bang-for-the-buck than the investment in your own creative spirit and soul. The investment for workshop is 300 USD (99 USD early-bird discount if you register before April 29th, 2020).

Don’t miss your opportunity to re-spark your passion and motivation for photography, arts, and creative ideas by emailing Neil at neilta@gmail.com

For further assistance with invoicing, payment options, or if you want an invoice or proof of self-education/training (business expenses) please email neilta@gmail.com for further assistance.

Student Discounts


Also if you’re a returning student, and have attended one of my workshops in the past before, please email Neil at neilta@gmail.com regarding your special returning-student discount!

Also, there are special discounts for those in education, working on the front lines in medical healthcare, those currently unemployed or under-employed, and students. Email Neil at neilta@gmail.com for more information.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you have any further questions about this workshop or whether it is right for you, please email my workshops manager Neil at neilta@gmail.com

Secure Your Spot Before It is Too Late!

For more payment options or questions, please email my workshops manager Neil at neilta@gmail.com