How to Motivate Yourself

Dear fellow streettogs,

Right now is hard. But know you’re harder. Some practical ideas on how to re-motivate yourself during these difficult times:

1. Lots of quick walks around the block

First of all, it seems (within legal limits) advantageous to walk a lot. Get as much fresh air as you can. It can just be 10 minutes! I suggest just going out in a T-Shirt, and keep it simple. Bring along your camera, video camera, GoPro, RICOH GR III, or anything you want! You can even use your walk as an opportunity for you to vlog!

2. Reflect and meditate on your life

Start a blog, and start blogging your thoughts. As you reflect and meditate via your blog, you can gain deeper truths on WHY you do anything in life.

To keep it simple, you can make a free blog on For more ambitious, signup on and install

Why blog? To me blogging is ‘meta-thinking’ which means, as you blog, you can think better. And share your ideas is a great mode of creative self-expression.

3. Intermittent fasting during the day.

Use this as a fun challenge to start fasting. I fast because actually it gives me more motivation in the day.

How so? When I eat a big breakfast or lunch, I get ‘food coma’ for the rest of the day. But when I fast, I remain sharp, alert, and more productive. Because if you’re hungry, you’re motivated to move and “hunt”. Consider a lion doesn’t eat a protein bar and then go hunt a gazelle. No– the hunger MOTIVATES the lion to hunt and PROCURE its food. Remember, the word motivate literally means to move.

4. Cross-pollination

The art of cross-pollination: Don’t just get stuck in one form of artistic self-expression. Indulge yourself in ALL forms of artistic self-expression!

Make music, make beats, dance, make illustrations. Draw, sketch, photograph, video. It is all legitimate.

5. Anti-perfection

The point ain’t to make perfect things. Consider a 2-year old child and how they draw or make crayon drawings. No concern for “good” or “bad”, they just do it for fun!

So the simple idea:

Just make fun for fun!

6. Share

Share your best photos and art works to, my photography feedback online platform/startup which is actually designed to empower you. Upload your best photos and also give feedback to others in the community.

7. Memento mori

Remember that you will die and you MUST DIE. Memento (remember) death (mori).

Strive to max out everyday; the ultimate motivator in life!