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How to Shoot Street Photography During COVID-19

You can shoot street photography during covid-19. Some thoughts:

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1. Interview strangers on the streets

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Walk around with your camera, iPhone, vlogging camera, whatever… and try to find people on the streets and ask them about their personal experiences. People love to talk about their personal experiences, which will be great opportunities for you to interview them and photograph them. For safety, stay at least 6 feet away (one human body length) away from them. Further safety — wear a face mask.

2. Document yourself

hand glove covid 19

I recently went to the grocery store (Chinese) and it was a great experience. The market gave away free face masks at the door, as well as free surgical gloves. The whole shopping experience was very relax, calm, and lovely!

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3. Photograph at the grocery store

It seems that we still need to go grocery shopping for food. My suggestion– take along your camera and just document whatever you see inside the grocery store.

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4. Urban exploration

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I don’t trust the news. I just go out to the streets to see what is happening for myself.

5. Driving and street photography

My friend was driving, and I took photos from the passenger side.

Is street photography during COVID-19 safe?

Depends on what you mean ‘safe’. Of course for hyper-safety, you should never leave your house or apartment. But if your desire is to document history in the making, just go out and shoot it.

Turbo thoughts to get you going

If you’re hungry for more motivation, here are some turbo thoughts I’ve been having:

  1. In life, it ain’t about intelligence, but intellectual courage.
  2. During uncertain times, very fun and interesting to become a photography entrepreneur.
  3. My personal thoughts on depression, anxiety and melancholy.
  4. Life is an RPG, and you’re the hero!