How to future-proof yourself:


1. Think 3,000 years from now

What will last 3,000 years from now? Morals, ethics. Humans. Codes of conduct, war, agriculture, food, technology, slavery, etc.

Or simpler following the Lindy Rule by Nassim Taleb:

Look into the past and see what (really old stuff) has lasted until now. Then copy it.

2. You’re the judge, guide, ruler, and taste-maker.

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Don’t do anything contrary to your own personal taste. If you do something that you’re interested in and like, there is a higher probability that your work will last.

A popular success is a petty success.

Nietzsche (or he quoted someone else).

3. Avoid current events and news

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Generally speaking anything that is current isn’t gonna be very relevant in the future. Focus on ‘evergreen’ ideas, concepts, notions.

Or in other words:

What will humans 3,000 years from now still be debating, arguing over, creating, or thinking about?

4. Ambition.

Build your own platform. Become insanely audacious, spirited, and desire more.

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