In Praise of Rap Music Videos

“Without Music, Life Would be a Mistake” – Nietzsche

For example, the JAY ROCK “WIN” music video by Dave Meyers and Dave Free.

Dave Meyers vibes

I am certain Dave Meyers is a genius in making music videos. Some scenes I loved from the WIN music video:

Another good music video by Dave Meyers: “HUMBLE” by Kendrick Lamar:

Music videos motivate and inspire me.

The great thing with music videos like HUMBLE:

They inspire you to move, dance, and visually and sonically– it is the apex synthesis.

Recommended music videos

Pretty much anything from Dave Meyers. Some good ones I love:

  2. All the stars
  3. Sicko mode

Music videos > Films?

I like music videos over films. Why? Films are too long. Music videos are shorter. And not only that, but to be able to focus on BOTH the music AND the visuals is awesome.

Ideas for you


I made a film called NONFUTURE with Cindy. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. I believe there is great cross-pollination opportunities between video, photography, film, cinema, etc.

Cindy: Why did you make NONFUTURE interview

Music, photo, video, cinema is key.

Cindy Project Film

Cross-pollinate between them all!


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