Calvin and hobbes

The Philosophy of Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes — master piece by Bill Watterson:

My personal background

My personal background:

I forget exactly how I first stumbled upon Calvin and Hobbes. Maybe when I was a kid I saw it at the library, or maybe it was hanging around in a classroom in my childhood. Anyways, it was great, because as a kid (I think I was in the 4th grade or so), it created a profound impact on me. The fun and mischievousness of Calvin, but also it was my first spark towards philosophy — his philosophical musings with Hobbes.

Maybe then, Calvin and Hobbes [Bill Watterson] is responsible for my passion (now) for philosophy. Some lessons I’ve learned:

1. Life is about possibilities

A fresh clean start. A big white sheet of paper to draw on. A full day [and life] of possibilities. It is a magical world– let’s go exploring!

Isn’t this insanely motivational?

2. Change is invigorating!

If you don’t see a path, you can MAKE a path!

Change is invigorating! New challenges prevent us from atrophying.

3. Create long term memories

Better to form long-term memories.

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