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A Future for Planners?

If you’re a planner– is there really a future for you?

A non-future for planners?

Nonfuture by Cindy

A non-future for you?

This is what I found interesting in NONFUTURE:

If you’re a planner… how can you survive and thrive in a world which is inherently chaotic, random, and cruel?

Planning as a coping mechanism?

Thoughts with Ruben.

A thought with my friend Ruben:

Perhaps planners plan in order to gain control over chaos over reality.

But what happens when your plans go totally to dust? Meaning in today’s COVID world… all plans are literally out the window.

For example let us say last year you were planning in dutifully putting away 20% of your income into a 401k for the next 35 years then to retire. But no way to have predicted in a trillion years that COVID-19 would have happened, and totally put an end to your job or plans.

A future of non-planning?

Treat everyday like a new day. It is impossible to even know what is gonna happen tomorrow.

For example, life pre-covid and life during-covid happened in a single day.

Yesterday I was doing deadlifts and training to deadlift 500 pounds, and today I got the news that all the gyms in America have been shut down. Thus my dutiful plan on training every week for a year is totally out the window.

My suggestion

I’ve never been a planner, never will. Why? I grew up in a situation where every day was different. My mom told me as a child:

Sangjina (my name in Korean is Sang-Jin) — your dad just gambled away the rent money. Be ready, we might be homeless by the end of this month.

This taught me a lot. It taught me to put no faith in the ‘morrow. To live for today.

Not knowing how to save money

Now this is a problem, because growing up I thought:

I gotta spend all my money ASAP, because my dad might steal it and gamble it away.

But now I have realized this is an optimal life strategy:

Live like a really poor person, and save 90%+ of your income.

Have a super-fat and padded savings bank account. Have an insanely huge monetary buffer, which means:

When shit hits the fan, you don’t trip, because you can still pay rent and buy groceries for yourself.

Life goals During and AFTER COVID

Why plan?

I think we plan in order to impose order and control over chaos. Where does this desire stem? Perhaps the desire to control reality. Perhaps the desire to AVOID pain, death, and suffering from reality. Just ask yourself:

Do I got the will to power to control and tame reality, or do I got the will to fear?

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