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5 Fun and Creative Artistic Photography Activities You Can Do From Home

Dear friends,

Times are tough but know that you’re tougher.

Some fun creative activities you can do from home, if you’re stuck indoors!

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1. Zen haiku poem

The basic notion of a haiku poem is simple:

  • First line has five syllables
  • Middle line has seven syllables
  • Last line has five syllables

For example:

  • Stuck at home with me
  • Creativity is me
  • Digital ether.

A good inspiration is this video Cindy made for me — she quotes some of the best poems from Basho. For example:

The old pond
A frog leaps in.
Sound of the water.


A monk sips morning tea,
it’s quiet,
the chrysanthemum’s flowering.

Make your own zen haiku poem, and you can either tweet it, share it on Facebook, email it to yourself or a friend, or publish it to your own website/blog. Or dictate it via your selfie mode on your phone recording, and upload it to YouTube.

2. Walk around the block for 5 minutes, and photograph whatever you see.


Walk around the block really quick, and take along your camera, whether RICOH, iPhone, android phone, etc. Just photograph anything you see in your quick 5 minute walk along the block. Share your favorite photo to

3. Make some fun calligraphs or sketches

Use ProCreate app on iPhone/iPad, or the Zen Brush 2 app on iPhone/iPad. Here’s a video I made showing how I create artwork on my iPad.

Or you can keep it simpler. Take out a piece of simple printer paper, some crayons, some ink, some writing instrument… and sketch stuff around the house for fun!

4. Takeout food delivery photo project.

You can still order food for to-go or takeout. Thus, this fun idea:

Put in a to-go order to a local restaurant, and then jump in your car, your bicycle, or walk over with your camera.

Take photos what you see and experience along the way, maybe ask for permission from the owner if you can make a portrait of them an the food [street portrait].

If you’re in Southern California, LA, or Orange County, hit up Long Hai Restaurant in Tustin, California. It is run by Cindy’s dad, and I can personally attest– it is the most phenomenal and delicious Vietnamese food I’ve had in California.

This can be a great activity, because you can kill two birds with one stone:

Support local businesses and also make photos!

5. Selfie project

If you got nobody to photograph, photograph your selfie! Use dramatic lighting at home. Shoot under your kitchen light, under your bathroom light. Experiment high-contrast black and white. Use a flash. You can even order an off-camera flash, and experiment with that.

Your selfie is the best thing to photograph. You don’t gotta share it with anyone.

Remember, you can still be an artist and create without the need to share!


If you want to share your best photos or art works, upload it to and also contribute your personal critique and thoughts to others in the community!