Why am I so skeptical and suspicious of everything and everyone?

Skepticism as wisdom

The original skeptic philosophers were insanely wise. And what is the upside of skepticism?

More freedom, less getting suckered in life.

For example, Lucretius as one of the OG skeptics. In his magnum opus (De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things)), he talks about getting rid of superstitious fears. The upside? More bravery and courage for the real world!

For example, once we get rid of the hocus-pocus fears of death and the (conscious) afterlife– we don’t gotta fear death from a rational perspective. Death is equivalent to never being born at all. Is there a pain associated with never being born ever? No. Same goes with death.

You are the ultimate judge!

To judge — to decide, indicate, prefer, act.

You’re the judge. Don’t let anyone super-impose their beliefs on you, especially against your own will!