If you’re stuck at home, iPad is a great creative device– to MAKE AND CREATE new art-works! Some ideas:


Zen brush 2 on iPad to make calligraphs.

Illustrations on ProCreate

Use iPad and ProCreate (also on iPhone) to make illustrations and sketches!

I like to use the freehand ‘lasso’ tool to sketch, then fill it with colors I like:

‘Creative’ means to CREATE!

Let us not get suckered. To be ‘creative’ doesn’t mean to be artistically inspired by some higher spiritual power. No… to be creative means to have the joy of creating… to have the propensity to CREATE A LOT. To create a lot of stuff– create a lot of art-works!

To create lots of photos, videos, illustrations, images, vlogs, blog posts, articles, books… whatever!

iPad as a Magical Device for Photographers



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