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In life, you can categorize almost everything into two categories:

Things which ENCOURAGE you, and things which DISCOURAGE you.

Then it seems the secret to life is this:

Cut out things from your life which DISCOURAGE you, and ADD MORE things to your life which ENCOURAGES YOU.

For example:

  1. Music which encourages you. Listen to music which pumps you up, augments your courage! Bad music is music which DISCOURAGES you, which makes you feel more sluggish and depressed.
  2. Good movies MOTIVATE YOU TO MOVE MORE, to think more, to dance more, and to live more. Bad movies pacify you.


Same goes with people — you can separate most people into those two categories:

People who ENCOURAGE YOU, and people who DISCOURAGE you.

Then the secret to people is simple:

CUT OUT the people who DISCOURAGE YOU and spend more time with people who ENCOURAGE YOU!

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