What is the greatest threat we currently face? Boredom.

What SHOULD we do if we’re just stuck at home all day?

For myself, I enjoy making art. Freedom from boredom is this:

Having difficult, interesting, fun, challenging things to pursue which GENERATE AND CREATE STUFF, not just consumption.

The reason of boredom? Hyper-consumption and ‘dopamine resistance‘. The cure? CREATION.

So what SHOULD we do (if we’re just stuck home all day?)



  1. Zen brush 2 calligraphy on iPad or iPhone.
  2. Procreate app on iPad/iPhone to make illustrations or remix images.
  3. Create a website. as the ultimate open-source engine to use.
  4. Workout! Just open YouTube and search an intense yoga, HIIT, or barre workout, or bodyweight exercises. Get your heart rate up, and get swole!