Why I Like Living on Earth

If I had the option to going to Mars or another planet, I’d refuse. Why? I love earth and prefer it above any other planet.

I like walking outdoors

I also like fresh air.

I like talking to strangers and other humans:

I like trees

I like other humans

I like traveling to new places in the world

like New Orleans:

I like lifting weights

It would be hard to lift weights on a spaceship or on mars.

I like meat and gains

I wouldn’t be able to eat meat on a space ship, nor could I eat meat on mars and maximize my muscular gains:

I like high speed Internet

High speed Internet not possible outside of earth.

The joy of making stuff and publishing it to my website, blog, and my YouTube channel.

The joy of being able to share my artwork with other humans

The joy of fresh air, and the feeling of wind in my face

In the future we will discover all these lovely “micro particles” or “micro humidities” in fresh blowing air which makes us feel joyful.

Still much to discover on planet earth

new discoveries in nature, the human body, and art waiting to get discovered!

also, the joy of making new art works with new technologies. For example my procreate and iPad illustrations:

New art creation tools which haven’t been invented yet.

Once we go to mars, we aren’t gonna have access to the newest and best technological art creation tools back at blue origin (planet earth). I’m curious about new virtual reality and augmented reality tools, 360 tools, and other new tools of the future yet invented.

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