Practical ideas:

indirect influence

Never tell others what to do or what not to do. Simply embody your own intended behavior [skin in the game] and share with others what you’re doing [preaching what you practice].

For example, if I want others to powerlift, I don’t tell others to do it. I simply do it myself, and share videos with others.

become the change which you wish to see in the world

As a parent, you must be a role model. Children do as their parents do. You cannot convince them otherwise.

For example, if you’re a parent who smokes and tells their child not to smoke, will your kid obey you? of course not.

If you tell your kids not to be addicted to their phones, but you use your phone all the time, will the kid listen to you?

Programing others

To influence others means:

Get others to do as you act.

We desire to get others to act the way we act and think. Action influences action.


Is there evil forms of influence and manipulation?

no. No such thing as good or evil. All morality and ethics is subjective.

To me, it isn’t about influencing others for good or bad. It is simply about being effective or ineffective.

Effective ways to influence others

  1. Face, video, audio: more trust in human faces, the voice, and body language. People attend my workshops because they’ve seen my YouTube videos and end up trusting and liking me.
  2. just google me”: if I’m #1 on google for anything, people will think I’m the #1 authority or expert in it. Google in today’s world is truth.
  3. open and free: if you truly want to influence the thinking and acting of others, keep it open. For example don’t charge money for your ideas. Keep it open and free, open access. No copyright. This is probably why ultimately google android will triumph over Apple iOS in the long run — android will continue to multiply like a virus, and will become the ultimate dominant operating system on earth.
  4. no advertising in your YouTube videos: influence and power is more important than money. Don’t put ads in your YouTube videos. In the long run, if you’re influential, money will flow to you.
  5. simple and easy to remember: things which rhyme and are catchy are more influential. For some reason when things rhyme or sound good, they seem more true. For example, “when in doubt, throw it out”. “Buy books, not fear”. “Just shoot it”. “Practice makes perfect”.

Entertain and educate people at the same time.

The most effective form of influence (Horace) says:

Entertain and educate people.

It has to be fun and interesting. Use comedy. Have fun. Make it playful. But also teach through action and interest. This is why documentary films can be effective — if it is both educational and entertaining, it fascinates and influences us more. Bright colors, like able people, etc.

The only mortal sin is being boring.

As an artist and creator, the only thing you gotta avoid is being boring.

what’s boring? Just follow yourself. If you watch and look at your own stuff and you’re bored, others will also probably find it boring.

More action!

Just show others what you do. Give them a “POV” or behind the scenes. This makes things far more fun, interesting, and entertaining.

Make sure it works while muted.

a good video or thing is good when it can perform well even when muted. When I’m at the gym, the TVs are all muted. Same goes with sports bars. Now I just assume most people like to consume information which doesn’t require sound.

videos and YouTube will always triumph over podcasts. Seeing human faces will always triumph over audio.

We feel emotion with facial expressions and body gestures

Auto play videos on mute are good. I use WordPress “video press” (jet pack plugin, paid) to host my videos. I use them on this blog to embed videos that can auto play.

People are lazy. Some people also don’t know how to play stuff. Just design stuff as if your grandma or mom will experience it. Keep it as simple as humanly possible, as easy, as direct, as fluid as possible.

Don’t censor yourself.

better to be outspoken and honest (kanye West) than to censor yourself.

all of my “controversial” stuff is just me being honest and speaking my mind. People have good BS detectors. We know when people are lying or telling the truth.

For example, when I look at others, I’m not interested in their opinion. I’m interested whether they’re being honest or not.

for example, even in politics — I prefer an honest (and asshole) politician than someone who is smooth and fake (but dishonest).

Take up space.

if there’s anything we’ve learned from trump it is this:

Whoever is the loudest, most controversial, gets the most press, takes up the most space, and offends the most people will be the winner.

All press is good press. Don’t apologize. These are the keys to success.

“I ain’t sorry”

If you apologize, you admit you were wrong. And your critics will eat that up, and actually end up attacking you more!

bill Clinton: he would have been smarter if he admitted to having sex with Monica Lewinsky and told the truth than lying. He should have admitted to it, then not shown repentance. This would have been more advantageous to him.

Death is the ultimate respect.

ERIC KIM eye red

Cataline attempted to coup the Roman Empire, but rather than being cast as a disgrace, he was seen favorably. Why? He died on the front lines (very far ahead in front) for what he believed in.

Your personal death, far on the front lines, IN FRONT of your soldiers as the ultimate mark of honesty, belief, and truth.

Sallust writes:

When Catiline saw that his army was routed and that he was left with a mere handful of men, mindful of his birth and former rank he plunged into the thickest of the enemy and there fell fighting, his body pierced through and through.


When the battle was ended it became evident what boldness and resolution had pervaded Catiline’s army. 2 For almost every man covered with his body, when life was gone, the position which he had taken when alive at the beginning of the conflict. 3 A few, indeed, in the centre, whom the praetorian cohort had scattered, lay a little apart from the rest, but the wounds even of these were in front. 4 But Catiline was found far in advance of his men amid a heap of slain foemen, still breathing slightly, and showing in his face the indomitable spirit which had animated him when alive. 5 Finally, out of the whole army not a single citizen of free birth was taken during the battle or in flight, 6 showing that all had valued their own lives no more highly than those of their enemies.

Your own death is the ultimate form of belief. And the exhibit of courage you displayed.

Expensive talk

my new ethic:

I am not allowed to recommend products I haven’t purchased with my own money.

Similar —

Never trust the opinion of someone who is sponsored or got something for free.

for example, I recommend RICOH GR III. WHY? I bought it with my own money. Same goes with LUMIX G9 and lumix/Leica 12mm lens, and rode video mic.

what do you truly believe in?

ultimately I think it is about honesty. Brutal honesty with yourself. What do you believe in and what DON’T you believe in? Let this guide you.

Brave on!