Real people: People in ’embodied reality’.

Fake people: People in a screen.

Which do you prefer?

Why this distinction?

Well, it comes down to this:

If we prefer ‘real’ people, we go outdoors more and to seek other real life human beings.

If we prefer ‘fake’ people, we prefer to stay at home, watch Netflix, watch YouTube, etc.

why aren’t people having kids anymore?

Let me start with Japan.

In Japan, eye contact is discouraged. To talk to strangers is discouraged. Thus, the social training is this–

  • do not interact with strangers or feign any interest in others.

Thus some Japanese men prefer to stay at home, play games, and live virtually. Porn consumption is high– because it is considered bad manners or ‘un-good’ to go out and pursue ‘sexual conquests’.

And ultimately what is the purpose of sex? To procreate and have kids. Technically for a man, the point is to insert his penis into a vagina, ejaculate [no condom], impregnate a woman, and have a child. But with all these weird online sex fetishes, I’m starting to wonder:

Do modern men even want to have sex with a real-life woman, insert his penis into her vagina, and ejaculate within her?

Unfortunately, I think most modern men would prefer other weird things.


In America, this is what I am noticing

  • in the big cities, to make eye contact is considered bad manners.


  • thou shalt not be loud, talk to strangers, or make a ‘hub-bub’.

Thus, we are socialized to become anti-social.

when is it dangerous to like fake people?

An actor (on the screen) is a fake person. This individual doesn’t exist in embodied reality. 

Actors are good when they symbolize an idealized version of a human. Actors are good when they motivate us real humans to become more epic and attempt more epic things. But when are actors, media, film, shows dangerous?

When we prefer to watch people on screens than to interact with them in real life (face to face). 

We got Face-Book. We don’t got Face-Life.

seek humans

My thought:

in our everyday lives, let us gain more joy from leaving our homes and SEEKING OTHERS (other human beings) than to stay at home. 

I think this will make us happier, more joyful, and love life and love living 10000x more. 


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