What holds us back? The nagging thought:

If I only had equipment x, y, or z — I could become a greater, more inspired, and more productive creator.

This is false.

What if you could never change your equipment for the rest of your life?

What holds us back? The thought:

Once this new equipment gets created or announced, I will be able to finally fulfill the highest apex of my artistic abilities.

But — if we had the thought:

I am stuck with the equipment I currently own for the rest of my life.

Would this actually empower us to just go out and make and create?

I think so!

Just use it.

Just use what you got. Don’t strive to make it good. Just strive to do it!

For example, if you wanna do video or vlog, just use your current digital camera, your RICOH GR III, or your iPhone selfie camera. No need for good equipment, fancy microphone, lighting, blah blah blah.

No need to get a new phone. Just use your phone to make phone calls. Do real work on your laptop.

Don’t buy any new equipment or anything for a year?

Life experiment:

Go a year and make this rule for yourself: I’m not allowed to buy anything this year.

It’s not because consumerism is bad. It’s not because buying stuff is bad. Instead, it is a pragmatic strategy which can help motivate us and empower us to start creating more art and sharing more!