What do we want? More power. Why? This is the principle of life.

how to gain more power

How do we gain more power?

First, gain physical power. Powerlifting. Eating more meat. Attempting new personal records in your one rep max in deadlift, squat, bench. Augmenting your physical self as the first goal.

Then what does it mean to augment your power? Augmenting your impact in the world. Blogging, vlogging, and publishing your stuff on your own website and blog. Harnessing the Archimedes lever of the Internet!

The fullest power of blogging, websites, vlogging, and the internet has yet been discovered!

My Archimedes lever is blogging, vlogging, and publishing on the internet via this website and blog. Thus for myself, I seek to discover new innovations in blogging, vlogging, and art creation online.

To gain more power —

  1. More physical strength
  2. harness that physical strength to create more and publish more!
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