Starting to vlog is simple

  • create like a child!

real thoughts

What is a ‘vlog’? A vlog is a video log of your life. It doesn’t need to be good, complete, or fancy. It needs to be direct, raw, authentic, uncensored, and unedited.

why vlog?

To record an audio log, or a video log of your life is far more effective and efficient than writing or typing. Also, far more emotional and interesting.

Consider the Star Trek ‘captains log’. You’re just making a log [record] of something. To blog is to put your thoughts on a web [log]. To vlog is to make a video log of something.

just log it!

To ‘log‘ is to make an entry in a ‘logbook’. To log something is super-low-hanging fruit. No stakes!

just have fun with it!

No pressure, only fun! A life of maximal fun — the best existence?