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We are about to enter a BRAVE NEW WORLD of blogging, and creation on the internet.

My thoughts and vision:

hybrid of blogging and vlogging


  • vloggers don’t blog, and bloggers don’t vlog.

Why not embrace the ultimate hybrid — both?

the ultimate hybrid of human expression

The goal

  • maximize your human and creative expression.

This means

  1. Use your voice
  2. Use video
  3. Use photo
  4. Use text [write]
  5. harness the power of the internet [not closed-system social media platforms]
  6. Own your own platform. Be a master, not slave.

extreme optimism and extreme pessimism about social media and the future of photography

Being born in 1988 is interesting — I remember life BEFORE the internet, and life AFTER. The internet.

In the early days of the web, there was extreme optimism. Now, it seems the general thought is ‘meh’.

The state of the internet now is kinda like shitty-old-school ‘AOL portal’ days.

  1. We are addicted to gmail
  2. We are addicted to social media [instagram, Facebook, etc].
  3. There is too much good stuff on Netflix, amazon prime, disney+, etc — which saps away our creative powers. If there is so much good stuff for us to consume, what motivation do we have to create our own ‘mediocre’ stuff?
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