Photograph with Your Feet!

Apparently there is a saying in Chinese:

Health begins from your feet upwards.

Which made me think:

The source of all photography begins in your feet!

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Walk first, then photograph afterwards.


Movement is the source of all creative activity. Thus, to walk and move is supremely essential to our artistic and photographic thriving!

How do you make photos?

You gotta walk! You gotta move! You gotta leave your house!


What are the best shoes?

The best shoes are the most anti-shoe. The best shoe has NO padding on the bottom of the sole. The best shoe has the least “support”. The best shoe is technically your bare feet. I’m a huge proponent of these “minimalist shoes” (Vibram Five Fingers, or kayaking water shoes with zero padding on the bottom of the shoe). Also, the lighter the shoe, the better. Ideally your shoes wouldn’t weigh anything.

Personally I’ve been wearing these “shark shoes” (kayak, water shoes) everywhere. They’re essentially like slippers. I wear them when walking, to the gym, workout in them, etc. If it is cold outside, I wear them with merino wool socks.

My feet

Because they weigh nothing, I can walk longer and further with less fatigue with heavier shoes. Also, walking with these are better for my posture and feet strength.

My new Shark shoes (water shoes from Amazon, only $15)


I hate sitting. I get insane back pain when sitting. When I’m tired, I prefer to just lie down on my back and take a nap.

The antidote: stand, walk, and move as much as humanly possible!

And as a photographer, don’t focus on trying to find inspiration or motivation to go out and shoot photos. Just put your camera in your pocket, and go for a nice walk. And walk everywhere humanly possible, and just photograph stuff as you see as you walk around!

Move more, walk more, explore more, stand more, photograph more!