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Life is too short. Why not attempt the insanely audacious?

Why is Tesla so great? Because all the other car companies are so basic, boring, and the same.

Which makes me wonder —

With life, entrepreneurship, and any pursuits in life — isn’t it better to aim for the insanely epic and audacious, instead of settling for the boring and basic?

For example:

  1. With life, work, career, your future — better to pursue your passion with insane zeal than to choose the boring and “safe” path in life. In other words, ignore your parents and pursue and pave your own path in life.
  2. Better to fail big than to succeed in a petty endeavor. In other words, shoot for insanely huge goals, and don’t worry too much if you succeed or fail. The striving towards these epic goals is the joy in itself.
  3. Memento mori: Considering your life is short, avoid the basic and boring in life!
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