How to Shoot More Photos Everyday


I’ve been on a roll shooting a lot lately! Some ideas which has inspired and motivated me:

Shoot yourself

I’ve been shooting a lot of selfies on RICOH GR III– high contrast black and white (low key) mode. I walk and shoot randomly in a selfie format, which has rendered very interesting results:

Also a new joy — photographing my own hands and bodily limbs:

Why photograph your-selfie?

To me, it seems to shoot your selfie is one of the most honest things you can do. You’re you. You are always a willing subject of yourself. You cannot refuse yourself, nor can you bother or upset yourself.

Also, I find selfies a constant ‘memento mori‘ — the remembrance that you will (and must) die.

Shooting nature

There is so much beauty when photographing nature. I recommend RICOH GR III and using MACRO MODE– to think of yourself as a visual scientist, and photographing interesting details, textures, and things you see and witness:

Keep moving, shooting, and moving!

A tip is this:

Walk while photographing!

Don’t strive for perfection, sharpness, or “intent”. Better to shoot randomly, with fun, and to embrace and love the chaos!

Don’t strive for perfection; nor even strive for one perfect photo

When you strive to take perfect photos, you end up shooting no photos. Better to delight in making lots of “imperfect” photos and enjoy the process rather than striving to make a perfect photo.

Why? Even if you make a perfect photo — it becomes boring. Perfection is boring. Once you make perfect, what then? More fun to be always ‘onto the next one’, and delighting in the everlasting “eternal creative cycle/return” in photography.


Keep it simple. Just shoot JPEG. Why? My thought:

When you shoot RAW, you are less likely to shoot a lot. Why? The thought in the back of your head– “Damn, post-processing all these RAW files is gonna be a pain in the ass.”

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