Deadlifting 420 pounds (four 45-plates on each side, with a 2.5+5 pounder)

The Path of Maximal Resistance

Lifting weights is boring when the weight is too light. Lifting weights is only fun when it is challenging, difficult, but still “achievable”.

A thought:

Is the best life in which you are seeking the MOST DIFFICULT and hard challenges, and striving with all your might to overcome those challenges?




Life is more fun with difficult challenges (which we are actually interested in achieving!)

Let us think about video games. Are video games easy when they’re too easy? Of course not! But video games are also no fun when they’re too hard.

It seems we want to play video games which are very difficult, yet still achievable to defeat.

For example, when I played Zelda as a kid, and I would get to the boss battles — I would often die a few times. But being SO CLOSE to beating the boss– that was fun. And I would endure, and keep up, until I beat the boss! And once I beat the boss, I would get a HUGE rush of achievement. Why? Because of the massive effort, skill, and thrill of achieving this goal (which was difficult, but through my practice and training was achievable)!


Attempt epic and great things. Avoiding the easy and boring. Strive towards the difficult, interesting, and fun!


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