What’s Your Supreme Life Task?

Your life is short and uncertain. The question is:

What do I consider my supreme life task — a life task I consider worthy of myself?




The antidote to nihilism

Nihilism says:

There is no God! There is no fate! There is no afterlife! There is no heaven and hell! Thus, life isn’t worth living.

I say: this nihilistic line of thinking is actually our ultimate savior. It means we can do anything, pursue anything, and become anything we desire.

And then “gun to your head” thinking:

If someone pointed a gun to your head, and you were given a second chance in life, what would you devote your life to? What would you consider your supreme life task, which you wouldn’t compromise for anything?

For myself, all I know which I’ll leave behind is this:

My photos, videos, words, music, poems, and ideas.

Also of course my future hypothetical children.

Thus from a pragmatic perspective, the best use of my life is to maximize my artistic and philosophical creation, and also train my future children according to my own image and values.

Back to you.

I can talk about myself all day long, but better to think about yourself and your own supreme life task.

A supreme life task is something you value higher than anything and everything. It is something in which you’re willing to devote your entire life, soul, and being into. It is something you’d devote yourself to everyday, without fatigue, boredom–in a spirit of joy, fun, and play!

Treat today like your last day and first day!


Live as if today were your last day in life, but also your first day.

Treat each day like you were a child and beginner. What would you be excited to do today? What would you be excited to pursue next?

Also, if today were your last day on planet earth, what would you regret NOT attempting, NOT doing more of? What would you regret not attempting more of?

Let this guide you forwards and upwards to the heights!


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